Landing about project:

  • Installation: Ukiyo • E DERIVA
  • Artists: Josè Lazcarro, Yolanda Gutierrez, Jordan Rangel, Rita Real, May Zindel, Yelte Castro, Kenji Alvarado, Cocay
  • Exposition: “Galerry El Leñero” Atlixco, Puebla
  • Animation & Videomapping Cocay

Ukiyo-e: Drifting is an aesthetic experience where form, color, light, movement, sound, materia, they include modalities of its construction itself: in this critical continent lies, materic and plastic. It not so updated aesthetics but turning so in the present-presence resists, interferes, it remains, yet as a necessary condition, whether as a veil, veiling, surface, or you need a skin to connotarse. Or a gap, a crack, lightning scar for interleaving and know justipreciar not the right sense of a version or interpretation, but an appreciation opacities, the interdict, unsaid.

It is a work intrapersonal, interartistic, and interdisciplinary and collective, It drifts where everyone is materic, hearing, visual, painterly, sculptural, tissue becomes, and takes shape with the conventional pattern of alphabets, the sounds, the colors, the forms, and the thousand folds materials that resist, they modeled, modulated, allowed the alchemy of transmutation. None of the authors of this opera has had to recant their budgets, prejudices, opinions and doctrines, and everyone has had explicit in its know-how, in its most exquisite craftwork, on their devices and techniques. Deriva has become explicit personal derived from each of the participants in this unique and peculiar work.
Eligio Calderon
July 2015